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CEAI engineering design team members have been key contributors to a variety of successful commercial, aerospace and military projects over the past twenty (20) years, including:

  • U.S. Space Shuttle (External Tank)
  • MIDS (NATO Link-16 Communication System)
  • FLIR (Night Vision) System for U.S. Abrams A1-M2 Main Battle Tank
  • F-35 Avionics Inertial Guidance System
  • U.S. Patriot-3 Missile Inertial Guideance System
  • U.S. Military DAGR Handheld GPS Receiver 
  • Commercial Electronics (USD-TV Set Top Box)




Client Accolades


One of the traits I most respect in Doug is his sense of professional integrity.  I saw this demonstrated in his interactions with both Raytheon and with his employer.  Due to the challenge of this design task, Doug had to work closely with our DAGR team and his mechanical engineering counterparts at Raytheon. 


Throughout his association with us, I always felt that Doug gave his all to develop a case design for us that met our demanding specifications.  At the same time, Doug was always mindful of his professional responsibilities to his employer.  He never signed up for tasks or obligated Paravant to efforts that he believed were outside the scope of the contractual relation between Raytheon and Paravant;  when in doubt, he would check with a higher level of management at Paravant.


Ralph Schoolcraft


Technical Director of the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) Program

Raytheon Systems